Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

A: It’s simple and risk free to get started today. You can fill out the inquiry form to the right, or contact one of our consultants directly and toll-free at 888-540-1167.

Does my timeshare have any value?

A: If you and your family are using and enjoying your timeshare, then yes, it is valuable to you. However, if you’re not taking annual vacations or the timeshare is simply a financial burden, you are not getting any value from your timeshare. Some resorts and weeks are considered high value on the resale market, but many lose their value after they are sold. The longer you wait to get rid of your timeshare, the more the value will decline as you continue to pay steadily increasing fees.

How long does the entire process take?

A: Once you reach an agreement with, you will receive your closing paperwork within 7-10 business days. Once these documents are properly executed, notarized, and returned to the Title Company, the Deed is sent to the County Recorder for recordation. Once returned from the county, the recorded Deed is sent to the resort with any applicable transfer fees. This process takes an average of 8-12 weeks, but it can vary based on the location of your property and resort transfer requirements.

When can I stop making maintenance and tax payments?

A: This depends on the date of your agreement with If your fees are billed annually, you may be able to stop paying immediately. Otherwise, your timeshare consultant will discuss the different options that apply to your ownership and will answer any further questions you may have.

Who handles all the paperwork and transfer with the resort?

A: Once you have reached an agreement with us, we forward all paperwork to Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. of Orlando, FL. Timeshare Closing Services is a licensed, bonded, underwritten, and fully insured title agency. They are the original timeshare title and escrow agency specializing in timeshare closings since 1999.

Do I have to notify the resort that I am no longer the owner?

A: No. We take care of this as part of our service. Once Timeshare Closing Services records the Deed or receives your executed Membership Transfer Paperwork, they will forward this to your resort along with any pertinent documents or fees. You will receive a copy in the mail for your records.

What if I owe back maintenance and tax fees on my timeshare?

A: We may be able to help, but requires that all maintenance fees, special assessments, and taxes relating to the timeshare are already paid for the previous and current year. We will be responsible for all future fees pursuant to the terms outlined in our agreement. Contact a timeshare consultant directly at 888-540-1167 if you are not current with your fees and tax patments.

Can I really get out of my timeshare without any further obligations?

A: Yes! and our affiliated companies have helped thousands of timeshare owners get rid of their timeshares. We work with experts to ensure you will find the perfect solution for your timeshare. It’s simple to start, and it’s simple to close. We have partnered with a licensed, insured, underwritten, and bonded title company, Timeshare Closing Services, Inc., of Orlando, FL. Timeshare Closing Services has been handling timeshare closings since 1999 and is the largest and most respected timeshare closing company.

Just like you, thousands of timeshare owners are looking for a quick solution to free them of the burden of maintenance fees and taxes. Keep in mind that your timeshare purchase is not a real estate investment, and it does decrease in value. Your timeshare is a luxury, and as it decreases, the maintenance fees and taxes will increase. The vast majority of timeshares are almost impossible to sell on the resale market, and will get harder to sell the longer you wait.

Please ask questions and make sure that you are dealing with people who have a proven track record of trustworthiness and success. and our affiliated are those people.

What if I have an existing reservation for the current and following year?

A: You can still get rid of your timeshare, but you are responsible for all maintenance fees, taxes, and assessments for the weeks or points that are used or banked in that use year.

Does your company charge an upfront fee with a promise to sell our property?

A: No. We do not charge you before we commence rendering services. Some of our services may come before the timeshare is transferred out of your name, but we will only charge you at the time of service. We also do not make false promises about the market being “hot” or buyers waiting for your property. Timeshares are a luxury with depreciating value and increasing liability. We will not promise to sell your timeshare unrealistic “ballooned” prices, but we will help you get out of your timeshare quickly, easily, and honestly.

What is your mailing address?

A: To send correspondence to, please use the mailing address below. Mailing Address