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It’s almost impossible. If you haven’t already, DO NOT pay an upfront fee to any company that promises or guarantees to sell your timeshare. Your money is as good as gone once you sign up. If the pitch is too good to be true, it usually is. The timeshare resale market is not hot. There aren’t buyers waiting to purchase your exact week for more than the original purchase price. If either of the aforementioned scenarios were accurate, these companies that charge upfront listing fees would be paid AFTER the sale, not before it is sold. They require an upfront fee for one reason and one reason only. They know before they take your money that they CANNOT sell your timeshare. If you have already paid an upfront listing fee to one of these “marketing” companies with a promise to sell, you’re not alone. Each year, hundreds of thousands of timeshare owners desperately seeking to free themselves of the “timeshare trap” pay millions of dollars in upfront fees that yield ZERO results. Not only is the “upfront fee” gone, you are still stuck with the maintenance fee and special assessment billings that are attached to the timeshare contract. Maintenance fees that increase on an annual basis. Special Assessments that come due at the most inopportune times. A contract that is forever your financial responsibility until properly and legally transferred. Do you simply want out? We can help. Please fill out the above form to get started now. Upon filling out this form, one of our consultants will provide you with the direction and solution needed to exit your timeshare.